THOR's Disciplined Approach


THOR’s Disciplined Approach

Jim Gore, CIO, discusses the first two steps of THOR’s investment process. He uses these steps to describe an investment opportunity in Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s) today.

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Saving into a Roth IRA

As we have said in previous blogs, it is important for individuals to attempt to save money into three distinct “buckets” during their working years.  These buckets are the pre-tax bucket, the after-tax bucket and the Roth bucket.  This blog will focus on saving into the Roth bucket.  Roth savings…

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Are We Headed Into a Recession?

 The yield curve turned negative and is a possible sign of recession. Are there any other signs? Yes, trucking rates are now down year over year. Also consumer confidence is near a 50 year high, which has shown to be a contrary indicator. The probability of a recession has…

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Should I borrow from my 401k?

In our recent blog, Understanding the Ins and Outs of 401(k) Plans, we touted the great benefits of 401(k) plans. Some investors might also see this as a source of potential funds for personal loans.  Your 401(k) is a powerful savings vehicle that is intended to be a nice nest…

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