Our Advantage

THOR’s History:

THOR was established in April of 1992 by Jim Gore with one client.  At the time, Jim had six years of experience as a founding member and consultant for the institutional consulting firm Fund Evaluation Group.  Jim started the firm for two reasons: Forward looking investment approach and bringing institutional advice to the individual market.


THOR’s Forward Looking Investment Approach

Many investors invest their money as if driving a car looking in the rear view mirror.  They pick investments based on recent performance (this is called recency bias).  THOR’s investment approach is forward looking – driving the car looking forward seeing what is on the road ahead.  In 1986, Jim began his career as an institutional consultant at a very interesting time in the markets.  Over the first few years of his career, the markets experienced the 1987 Black Monday Crash, the Japanese stock market skyrocketing above 39,000 and the takeovers of major companies like RJR Nabisco.  These events helped plant the seeds for THOR’s investment approach.  In the late 1980’s, institutional consulting firms were using Markowitz’s theory of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) for asset allocation.  This theory urged institutions to allocate more money to international and deep value (low P/E stocks like RJR Nabisco) stocks at the end of 1988.  Why?  Because MPT was showing that by doing so, it would reduce risk in the portfolio and increase returns.  What happened the next three years?  Japan’s stock market crashed and deep value stocks significantly underperformed as the takeover craze waned.  It was a time when large company growth stocks did very well (Janus Funds became a household name by 1992).  Because of this experience, Jim spent the early 90’s developing THOR’s proprietary investment model that assists us in creating diversified portfolios.  This model overweights assets that should outperform over the next several years (looking out the front windshield of the car) due to reversion to the mean.

Institutional Advice to the Individual Market

Jim enjoyed his consulting experience working with large institutions like Fordham University and Indiana University on their multi-million dollar endowment funds.  However, Jim noticed that individuals were making the same mistakes as these institutions by buying the recent “hot” investment, only to end up disappointed over the next few years.  THOR was created to bring institutional management to the individual marketplace.  It has always been THOR’s goal to be a trusted adviser for our clients on all financial matters.  We strive to become life-long partners with our clients.  Whether it is happy times like retiring or buying a second home, or sad times like the death of a spouse or loved one, THOR is there to help navigate the financial waters.


The “core” of who THOR is can be summed up in three words = Passion, Knowledge, and Caring 

Passion:  To work at THOR, an employee must be passionate about what we do.  We strive to have a culture that encourages employees to go the extra mile for our clients.  To be a member of our Investment Committee, one must live and breathe investments.

Knowledge:  THOR understands that we are in a competitive industry and that ongoing education is imperative.  Jim reminds his children and co-workers at THOR that “even though you might be on the right track, if you are standing still, you will be run over”.  This is reflected in the high level of education and various designations of our employees (Click here to see our team member’s biographies).  THOR expects our employees to strive to reach for more including the next educational level via completion of an advanced degree or designation (CFA, CPA, ESQ, CMT, MBA, CAIA, CFP).

Caring:  When someone becomes a client of THOR, they become a member of our family.  Caring is not just a word around THOR.  One only needs to come to our client appreciation dinner and sit at any table to hear how we have touched our clients lives.