Ballooning Corporate Debt

Corporations have increased debt loads over the past few years because of the Federal Reserve’s ultra easy monetary policy. Now with rates going up, stress is starting to show up in the corporate bond market. With over $4.4 trillion in…
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First Time Home Buyer: How to Make an Offer?

Buying a house can be a stressful endeavor for anyone.   But, for first time home buyers, the thought of making an offer on a house for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very competitive home buying environment, where even…
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Recency Bias: Are You at Risk?

Jim Gore, CIO of THOR Investment Management, discusses some of the behavioral biases we are seeing by investors in the stock market today.
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Getting Started on Medicare

All Americans who are age 65 and over are eligible for Medicare.  Medicare can be overwhelming for those approaching age 65 and faced with having to enroll in this government managed health insurance program.  The purpose of this blog is…
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Time Weighted vs. Money Weighted Returns

Many people assume calculating performance returns on investment accounts to be a very simple process.  In its simplest form, you can get your percentage investment return by using this simple equation:  (Ending Value – Beginning Value) / Beginning Value.  With…
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In 2009, we had no money invested in emerging markets. Today, we are overweight international stocks – especially emerging markets.  In 2017, emerging markets generated returns in excess of 30%.  Despite this performance, emerging markets have significantly underperformed since their…
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