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For the past 25 years, THOR has helped over 500 people, just like you, find financial security. In fact, CNBC has named THOR one of the top 100 fee-only wealth management firms in the country.

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All of us at THOR are very passionate about what we do and we strive to make the best financial decisions for you on a daily basis. We hope to be your financial advisor for life, offering support for all of your key financial decisions along the way.

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Hungry for Yield?

In a world where $17 trillion of global bonds are selling at negative interest rates and the 30-Year Treasury Note is yielding close to 2%, investors are searching for yield. The two areas that look attractive today are Business Development Companies (BDCs) and Mid-stream Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). On the…

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Should I Refinance my Home?

With a long-term home mortgage, interest rates matter.  Rates on home mortgages have dropped about 20% in the last year, making this a good time to look at your mortgage to see if you can save some money.  With rates at less than one-half their long term average of about…

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THORdex Update: Stock Market Risk?

 Today we will give you an update on the THORdex, our proprietary tool we use to measure risk in the US stock market. In this video, we will highlight the back-tested data of this measure going back to 1978.

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