Our Thinking

Keys to Hiring a Financial Professional

In today’s world, we are overwhelmed with a myriad of titles for financial professionals such as financial advisor, financial planner, wealth manager, investment advisor, estate planner, tax planner and accountant.  This cornucopia of monikers can make it hard to navigate … Continued

Risk – Measure It and Manage It

Many people talk about risk, but don’t know how to measure it.  How do you measure risk?  At THOR, while we consider many risk metrics, there are three key risk components on our radar.  First and foremost is the risk … Continued

THOR… How We Got Our Name

Its THOR’s 25th anniversary!!  Throughout the years we have gotten the question of how we came up with the name THOR.  We invite you to watch our most recent video where we explain why we are THOR Investment Management…

Saving on Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug pricing has been a frequent topic in the news in the past year as people try to manage rising drug costs.  The lack of insurance coverage for specific drugs can increase prices even further.  Up to 45% of Americans have … Continued