Retirement Planning

Many individuals make the incorrect assumption that retirement planning and financial planning are one in the same. From THOR’s perspective retirement planning is a subset of the comprehensive financial plan, albeit an important one.

Cincinnati retirement expertsAs the entire “boomer” generation gets closer to retirement, many of them are wondering when they can leave their careers and be assured of maintaining a financially secure retirement. In other words, they want to have a high level of confidence they won’t outlive their financial assets. The second piece of this dilemma is that, once in retirement, clients want to know they are distributing their retirement assets in the most tax efficient manner possible. No one wants to work hard for 30 to 40 years and then make poor planning decisions that result in a higher tax liability than necessary.

In our 15-year history, THOR has worked with many clients through their earning years and on into to the distribution phase of their life. This transition can be a complex and overwhelming time of life, both emotionally and financially. Multiple issues can arise such as the rollover of 401(k) plans, determining the level of income needed for retirement, the most tax-efficient distribution of your after-tax and tax-deferred assets, the purchasing of long-term care insurance and the best way to move assets from the client’s estate to their heirs’ estates. THOR has experience working with clients in Cincinnati and throughout the United States on a wide range of issues that relate to retirement planning.

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