Financial Planning

Cincinnati financial planning expertsSound financial planning services can help clients identify the strengths and weaknesses of their long-term financial health. Many of us have either thought about or even written down our financial objectives, but few have developed the necessary detail to ensure their achievement. To state that “you want to retire by age 60” is mere window dressing. Determining annual savings rates, return rates, understanding your potential expenses in retirement and knowing how your retirement savings will be impacted by taxes and inflation during the distribution phase of your life are critical in order to achieve your stated goal(s).

THOR Investment in Cincinnati, Ohio has years of experience in this area and sophisticated software tools available to assist our clients in developing comprehensive plans that guide clients toward the accomplishment of those “written” goals.

Initially, THOR advisors will assist the client in gathering all the necessary data regarding investment allocation, insurance coverages, savings rates, determination of current and future expenses, income sources and other data points that would impact a financial plan. We then use this data to develop a comprehensive plan that helps us to jointly diagnose areas of need and develop appropriate time lines that move the client towards their financial goals. THOR determines the appropriate asset allocation going forward, makes calculated investments on the client’s behalf and analyzes the various sources of income in order to minimize the client’s tax liability once in the distribution phase of their life. Thereafter, we review the plan bi-annually with the client to insure its long-term success.

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