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What is Stolen Identity Refund Fraud?

Stolen Identity Refund Fraud (“SIRF”) is the stealing of an individual’s identity with the express purpose of filing a fraudulent tax return in the individual’s name to receive a refund.  In 2013, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) estimated that over … Continued

Barriers to a Comfortable Retirement

The fact that so many Americans are not adequately prepared for retirement has been widely documented.  According to a recent government report, about half of households age 55 and over have no retirement savings and many older households without retirement … Continued

Peer to Peer Lending and Its Role in FinTech

What Is It? “Peer to Peer Lending” (also known as “P2P Lending”), “Marketplace Lending”, “Crowdsourcing” or the “Grey Market” (what they call it in China)) is a fast growing and evolving industry.  Morgan Stanley research estimates that P2P lending companies … Continued

2017 Tax Planning & Trump Implications

With a Republican president-elect and GOP control remaining in both the House and Senate, there is plenty of talk about significant tax reform.  However, it’s difficult to plan for something that’s uncertain as there are several tax plans being considered … Continued