Market Updates

Time Weighted vs. Money Weighted Returns

Many people assume calculating performance returns on investment accounts to be a very simple process.  In its simplest form, you can get your percentage investment return by using this simple equation:  (Ending Value – Beginning Value) / Beginning Value.  With … Continued


In 2009, we had no money invested in emerging markets. Today, we are overweight international stocks – especially emerging markets.  In 2017, emerging markets generated returns in excess of 30%.  Despite this performance, emerging markets have significantly underperformed since their … Continued

Ponzi Coin: A Sign of the Times?

  Everyday you hear that Bitcoin is rocketing to the moon.  But did you know that there are over 1,300 Crypto currencies?  Here is a list of all available Crypto Currencies you can buy.  This compares to 180 currencies recognized … Continued

Risk – Measure It and Manage It

Many people talk about risk, but don’t know how to measure it.  How do you measure risk?  At THOR, while we consider many risk metrics, there are three key risk components on our radar.  First and foremost is the risk … Continued

THOR… How We Got Our Name

Its THOR’s 25th anniversary!!  Throughout the years we have gotten the question of how we came up with the name THOR.  We invite you to watch our most recent video where we explain why we are THOR Investment Management…