Widowed Single Parent


A working mother with three young children had recently lost her self-employed husband to a long illness. She finds herself struggling with raising three children by herself, being the sole income source and dealing with the immediate and ongoing financial and legal matters for her young family.


Fortunately for her, one of the first important decisions she makes in her new role was to search out and hire an investment advisor. THOR can assist her in the execution of estate planning documents, insuring that the appropriate probate and planning decisions are made. A critical issue facing her at this time is the disposition of her husband’s business. THOR can assist with the sale of the business assets. She also feels she needs to downsize her current home. Even though her children are still young, maintaining the large home she and her husband shared by herself is an overwhelming thought. THOR can work jointly with her and a real estate agent to find an appropriate new home, review the contract and secure appropriate financing. The widow also needs help with her investments. THOR can assist her to build an investment policy statement and invest her assets appropriately, including the investments in her 401(k) plan at work.