Foundation/Endowment Investment Direction


A non-profit group establishes an investment committee to oversee the investments of the organization. The committee lacks investment guidelines, spending policies and ongoing investment review processes. They also are in need of better direction and focus around the competing objectives of the investments – current spending needs vs. long-term growth.


THOR has many years of experience working with large non-profit institutions such as Indiana University and Fordham University. The time horizon for most non-profit institutions is extremely long. THOR will work closely with the investment committee to establish a clearly defined investment policy. The policy is established not only to assist the current members of the committee, but more importantly, serve as a guideline for future members. As part of that policy, THOR can help the committee establish a spending policy, along with the investment objectives, that take into account the competing goals – current spending vs. the long-term nature of the assets. THOR can help establish an investment direction and spending parameters that each of the members of the committee can agree upon and will be in the best long-term interest of the non-profit organization.